Samsung S20 Ultra issues. Is it worth it?

Probably you all asking why now, after four months, I’m writing a review about this phone. Well, the answer can be simple but complex in the same time. Four months was more than enough to test and learn everything about this amazing phone. Next up i will show you top issues about this phone and decide if is the best choice for you.

Issue 1: Processor

I’m sure you are all aware that Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra come in two variants: Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 990. As i live in the UK i have Exynos verson and let me just say it simple, is a disaster. This phone have so much power and because of the processor this power is locked showing us poor performance. You probably think is not a big deal but you hold those two phones in your hand use them as your daily phones you will notice the difference.

  • 20% less battery life than Snapdragon model.
  • screen lag sometime
  • overheat when use for long time or gaming
  • camera focusing is slow

Issue 2: Screen

Is a fact that Samsung have one of the best phone screens on the market an I agree. The Dynamic Amoled display is amazing and 120 FPS (Frames Per Second) make it even better but there are also few issues I need to mention here. First problem will be a dead pixel up-right of the screen close to punch-hole camera. On the other hand this dead pixel show up only when you make a phone or video call and in some certain apps. This is not such a big deal but just think like that, phone is brand new and come with a dead pixel, in time this pixel will extend most probably or could show you there is an issue with the display. This might be a sensor fitted under screen to to improve light for screen or camera, but in this case Samsung should have mention that after so many complains. Second 6.9 inches is a huge screen and phone come with their own function called “Accidental touch” which should prevent from touching the screen on the edges, but is not relay useful. You enjoy an intense game of PUBG when this function turn on in the middle of the game and lock the screen, that is really not cool and it happend to me couple of times. Most strange and frustrating would be the third issue, when you leave the phone unlocked for few second on home screen or in an app to grab a glass of water and when you come back you notice you are in a different app or in phone settings. First when i saw that I was like WTF, there was no way I or someone else from the room would touch my phone, except if there were some friendly ghosts who wanted to play with phone. Next 8-10 times when that happend I saw it with my own eyes, there was a certain part of the display which kept pressing the screen closing the apps or change setting from current app and I couldn’t stop that, even tried to clean the screen but that wasn’t helpful, the only way to stop this was to lock and unlock the phone.

Issue 3: Camera

Now, there are some pro and cons about camera performance. Don’t get me wrong, cameras from the S20 series is great and the Night Mode has really improved but the facts that S20+ series take better photos than S20 Ultra is really frustrating and make you wonder does it worth paying £200 extra for ” 108MP” camera, “100x” space zoom, a bigger screen that won’t fit in your pocket, and a good 5000 mA battery which unfortunately won’t last for whole day because of processor and screen. Now let’s go back to camera and i will be short here because the factors are obvious and simple. This phone have a great camera module but 108MP and 100x space zoom are gimmicks. Samsung use 9 to 1 pixel binning from a 12MP camera and that is how this huge sensor was created but by default you will shoot with 12 MP sensor. The 100x is not really usable, I won’t recomand going above 10x as the image quality is low. There been some focus issues but with the new software update those have been partialy fixed as you still have to wait about a second or two to focus on an object. One last thing that it worth mentioning, the camera module (telescopic lense) rattle when shaking the phone but not to worry, this is normal on big camera lenses.

I’m not trying to convince you not to buy this phone, I just want you to be aware about some of the issues you might find with your new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Is a brilliant phone with great features and a spicy price.

If you find other issues or need some help with this phone let me and other users know about it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


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