Things aren’t always as we want them to be, but we can improve ourselfs to the perfection!

Hi, I’m Dacian.

I start my fitness journey back in 2015 joining a local gym. I was a skinny guy weighting about 55kg (121lb) but soon that was about to change. My passion for fitness started flowing through my veins so in 2018 I receive my PT & Fitness Instructor certificate. EQF Sports & Exercise Nutrition Diploma this year and continuing studies to gain more knowledge and improve my phisique relying on my own strenghts. My goal is to help people surpass their limits and achieve their goals.

What do I do?

PT & Fitness Instructor


Business Management


How can i be helpful?

PT & Fitness Instructor

As previously mentioned i have a diploma attesting my knowledge in this area, not just a random guy giving advice to people without having necessary knowledge. Gyms are a marvelous place which awaits for it’s conqueror. Fitness is a continue growing market with more people joining this road, trying to improve their phisique, health or other reasons.


Biology is not one of my favorite, but knowing that overloading with vitamins can be toxic or knowing exactly what is good and bad for your health is a must. Remember! Everyone is different so what works for an individual might not work and can even harm you.

Business Management

Curently studying for my business management diploma, helping me understand the whole process in a succesful business. Is a new area for me but if you have a question and i know the answer I will gladly share it with you.


My first option for study was Sport Education but because of health problems i was unable to follow that so i choose Informatics and Computing. IT is one of most fascinating area which await to be descovered. 59% of global population (Statista.com) are using the internet or have access to a mobile phone or computer. Any questions/suggestions about phones or any gadgets just pop a message.

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