What is the perfect cooking time for vegetables to keep their nutritional values?

I think all of us have been overcook or undercooked our food at least once, if you haven't done so you're a liar or just you're not a kitchen person. Have you ever taught, how long should you boil the carrots, how long it takes to cook the beans, what is the point cooking vegetables... Continue Reading →

Nutrition lecture: Vitamin A

Vitamin A (Retinol) Vitamin A comes as a group of fat-soluble retinoids, including retinol, retinal, and retinyl esters. Vitamin A is involved in immune function, vision (see in the night-rhodopsin), maturation/development, reproduction, and cellular communication (skin, mucous). We can get vitamin A from Plants (B-carotene) and animals (Liver, Dairy products, Fish, Kidneys). Excess of vitamin... Continue Reading →

Nutrition Lecture: Vitamins

Today I will discuss about vitamins, stick with me for the next couple of minutes. What is it, how does it help and where can we get it from? As the name suggest 'Nutrition Lecture' the next posts from this category will help you enrich your knowledge, feed your curiosity and also can help you... Continue Reading →

Which are the best diet plans?

Best way to lose weight is to change your diet and exercise. Some diets aim to curb your appetite to reduce your food intake, while others suggest restricting your intake of calories and either carbs or fat. Many of those diets come with amazing health benefits but if you are not respecting each step, might... Continue Reading →

Is there a secret to lose weight?

So, you are planning to lose weight and want to find the secrets for a quick and effective recipe? In the following article I'm not going to promise or sell anything to you which mean you have nothing to lose, except few minutes from your time. In the last few weeks while surfing the internet... Continue Reading →

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