Training 110

Did you ever felt like you are stuck at a specific weight without adding more muscle and just could not increase the weight you lift? Well that might be because you have reached your limit. Our body have a limit which we increase by training but every time you increase that limit, it becomes harder and harder to increase it which bring us to natural limit. Natural limit is a barrier that our body install with main purpose to protect itself from destruction. Keep this in mind, our body main role is to survive no matter what, the only reason why you can increase your body limit is because… Well, I just told you and i try make it simple. INCREASE, that what you do with your body limit but you can’t surpass your natural limit, which you might ask yourself why my body doesn’t want me to ‘get bigger’ and the short answer would be, bigger is not healthier. I will debate further in this subject in another post not let’s get back to the subject of this post.

I came up with this plan for advanced athletes which are struggling to boost their performance, but anyone else is welcome to try it. I’m not saying this workout routine will work 100% but it definitely will have a major impact on your body.

The target of this plan is to increase body mass and power. You will need to train every day for 9 consecutive day without skipping a day. You will be working all your body in three days. In the first three days you will train at 50-70% of your body potential, next three day you will have to go into “BEAST MODE” train at 110% of potential, following three days you will work all your body parts in one day.

Part I

(50-70%) Think about your current stats, how much you lift on each exercise for each every body part and keep a track on those stats because after 9 days you want to see if you made an improvement. Before i go further in this I need to mention that you current potential (100%) should be a weight that you can control (more than 8 reps), not your highest one repetition performance. For example your current bench press is 100 kg (at least 8 reps)/ 50-70% means you will have to work with weight between 50 kg and 70 kg for 15-25 reps each set, or you can go to failure; this will increase your muscle resistance.

Day 1: Legs and biceps (4 exercises with 4 sets each)

  • LEGS: Squat 4x sets, Incline leg press 4x, Leg extension 4x, Calf rises 4x.
  • BICEPS: Single arm Preacher curl 4x, EZ bar preacher curls 4x, Cable curls 4x, Reverse cable curl 4x.

Day 2: Chest and triceps (4 exercises with 4 sets each)

  • CHEST: Bench press 4x, Incline dumbbell bench press 4x, Incline bench press 4x, Chest fly 4x.
  • TRICEPS: Skullcrushers 4x, Overhead triceps extension 4x, Rope triceps pushdown 4x, Dips machine 4x

Day 3: Back and shoulder (4 exercises with 4 sets each)

  • BACK: Deadlift 4x, Lat pulldown 4x, Barbell rows 4x, Machine rows 4x.
  • SHOULDER: Shoulder dumbell press 4x, Machine shoulder press 4x, Lateral rises 4x, Barbell shrug 4x.

The exercises I mention are my own suggestion but you can use your own favorite exercises.

Part II

This is the moment to show what you are made off. With this occasion you can ask a friend or someone from gym to give you a spot if you need it but preferably because this time you will push yourself further than you ever was before. Remember the example I gave you before but this time you will give 110% of your potential, so if highest weight that you lift was 100 kg, now you will need to lift 110 kg and go to the failure. Try to do as much repetitions as you can, don’t stop after just one.

You will have to perform exactly same exercises that you did in part one of this workout routine. Give 110% for each exercise you do but remember to increase weight with every repetition and last rep of the set will be your highest.

Part III

Congrats for coming that far, now you have only 3 more days than you can finally relax. For this part will be working all 6 muscle groups in one day for 3 days, which means we are performing one exercise per body part. 10 minutes for each exercise/ muscle group, 1 hour for workout.

Example: You start with legs and you choose bench press, you have 10 minutes to focus on this exercise (hit as much sets as you can), you can choose your own weight and number of reps. After 10 minutes quickly jump to next group and start another exercise for another 10 minutes and so on. Each day you train different exercise. If yesterday you did leg press today you do leg extension and last day squat or calf rise, is up to you. You can choose your favorite exercise or one that you usually don’t include in your workout.

At the end of these nine days compare your previous stats with your current stats and see if you made any improvements. You can now take a few days rest than go back to your normal routine and later on you can start this workout again OR if you want to see how far you can go take a day rest and start again with this workout and let me know how far you go. Remember when you start Part II but can’t lift 110% of your previous high is game over, it only counts when you successfully lift a higher weight.

Let me know how did it go for you because in my case was an unpleasant experience which, I’m still recovering. Hopefully I will be fully recovered within few days and definitely will give it another try.

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