Gym Myths Revealed

Fitness have a continuous interest amongst all ages. With this interest come some ridiculous myths wich later on could impact our performance and drop confidence. Some of those myths might be true some not. I will reveal which of those are facts and which fiction. If you know other myths that was not included here, drop a comment or send me a message to discuss about any concerns.

1. You can target fat burn

Fact: Training can reduce your overall body fat, but you can’t control from where does come from. Let’s say you train legs about 30min/day, 5times/week and after 4 weeks of exercise you notice that most of the burned fat comes from waist, same rule apply with core.

Conclusion: Fiction

2. No pain, no gain!

Fact: Is normal to fill a bit of disconfort or pain, but if you feel a sharp pain or if persist for few days and is day by day worst than you should stop training and consult a doctor. Is not something you can ignore because if you do, you’re the one who will support consequences. Example from my own experience. I was at the very start of my fitness career, I start with bench press using a high weight, which cause me sternum fracture. Took me about 6 months to recover, but even now after more than 5 years, pain is still there.

Conclusion: Fiction

3. Stretching out before workout can improve your performance

Fact: Stretching loosen your tendon and make your muscle feel weaker and slower according to Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need worm up or can’t stretch after workout.

Conclusion: Fiction

4. Shouldn’t train on an empty stomach

Fact: A new study from British Journal of Nutrition says that your body burn more fat if you workout before breakfast. Remember, in this proces you will also lose muscle, this depends on training intensity and how long it last. Personaly i would recomand drinking a natural & rich in vitamins juice or eat something with quick digestion, low in fat and calories.

Conclusion: You can skip breakfast if you workout right after you wake up, but should get a calories and high in carbs snack just to make sure you don’t lose more muscle than fat.

5. Treadmill runing is as efective as runing outside

Fact: Let’s be honest with ourselfs, running on a treadmill is not that challenging like it would be when you run outside. On a treadmill you repeat same movement, is true that you have different programs to select from but your body need a challenge. Running against wind, uneven terrain and avoiding obstacles (people or different objects) are some of the factors that require more energy and ends up burning 10% more calories than if you we’re running on a treadmill.

Conclusion: Fiction

6. Working out every day is useless

Fact: Rest should be a part of your workout, not an alternative, says Barbara Bushman Ph.D professor of kinesiology. This mean that you shouldn’t include 3,4 days of rest after completing weekly routine. You can workout 5, 6 days and rest of the days could be for cardio or short runs. Train more, gain more but in the same time a short rest is more than welcome. Give your body some time to recover once in a while.

Conclusion: Fiction

7. Can’t workout if you’re sick

Fact: As long as you don’t have sever symptoms of fever, stuffy nose, sore throat, chest congestions or any COVID-19 symptoms. If unsure you can hit the gym ask your GP or qualified advice. Hit the gym, fight the sickness.

Conclusion: Fiction

8. Crunches are the best for your core

Fact: If you do crunches everyday, won’t help you buid 6 pack. Is better to do exercises that target every part of your core. Crunches will give a nice shape to your abdominals but have no relevance if the level of fat is too high and you can’t see them.

Conclusion: Fiction

9. Working out make you hungry

Fact: Acording to International Journal of Obesity, high intensity training may actually decrease food cravings. Remember those exhausting days when you felt drained of energy and just wanted to go home and sleep?

Conclusion: Fiction

10. You’re burning same ammount of calories for running and walking.

Fact: If this we’re true that means we no longer need to workout because we lose weight just by walking. YES, you burn calories when walking for a long period of time at right intensity, but you can’t compare that with running which take about twice the time to consume same energy as you we’re running.

Conclusion: Fiction.

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